Overwhelmed With Social Media and Online Marketing?

Social Web Nerd is here to help you navigate social media.

I offer social media strategy, consulting, monthly maintenance and one on-one-coaching to help small businesses and solopreneurs use social media to create authentic and genuine connections and grow their passion or business.

I believe that action, whether small or big, is the key to moving forward.


With that, here’s the business profile of those that I work with!


Who you are:

You are a small business owner with less than 10 employees or a solopreneur whose work revolves around coaching, fitness, retail, nutrition, etc. (It doesn’t really matter as long as you aren’t a B2B company.) You may be in the business building stages or have been in business for a few years. You love what you do, are very good at what you do, and you turn your clients into raving fans. You truly believe in your mission and purpose and are determined, focused, and have the drive to meet your goals. You are an implementer and ready to do what it takes to build your business. You also know that to make your business grow, succeed, and enhance your message and branding, you need to implement social media into your overall marketing strategy. You’re aware that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (just to name a few) are critical to engaging with your customers, obtaining quality leads and selling your products and services.


What your business issues tend to be:

You have products and/or services to sell (whether new or old) and you need help creating and implementing a social media strategy that will generate engagement, leads, revenue and buzz! Although you’re aware that social media can greatly benefit your business, you’ve might have only used social media for personal reasons and have no clue where to start with marketing your business online. You are overwhelmed with choosing the best social media platforms and then staying abreast of the constant, almost daily, updates and changes with each platform. Your time is limited so ideally you’d like someone to create a social media strategy for you and then provide you the tools and advice to implement the strategy and maintain your businesses social media profiles.


What you need the most right now:

You need to devise a social media strategy that is filled with effective strategies so that you can reach as many of your target market as possible. With that, you need to properly setup social media business profiles on the social media platforms that suits your business the best. Since your time is limited, you know that you can’t manage your social media presence all on your own so you need someone who can manage your online presence and make sure that everything happens when it’s supposed to. You also want to rely on someone else to implement the pieces that you just don’t know how to do (that’s the technology stuff). You need a social media manager and consultant!

Sounds like you? Let’s take the next step together! Schedule a 30 minute consultation, today!

With Love and Gratitude,

Nikki, Social Web Nerd, Social Media Consulting

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