2 Ways To Get More Content From Facebook

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Facebook is an excellent social media platform for both individual and business use. However, many businesses are not taking advantage of Facebook’s unique features to collect and cultivate content from a variety of sources for their own use. In this blog post, I outline two (2) ways you can get more content and information from using Facebook’s unique features.

Interest Lists

Developed as a way to help both businesses and individuals organize content they are most interested in. Interest Lists show the latest status updates around a particular theme or topic so one does not miss them in their Facebook news feeds. What makes Interest Lists so unique is that they typically show more status updates then what is shown in a news feed. Take for instance Brand X who puts out 2 updates per day 7 days a week. There is a good chance only a few of those posts will be seen by less than 1% (the average) of their fan base. Interest Lists helps pull those status updates into an a separate news feed where you’ll have a better chance of seeing additional status updates.

Example of Interest Lists Facebook

To create your own Interest List follow these directions:

  1. Go to your Interests page and click the Add Interests button.
  2. Click Create List.
  3. Search for the people or Pages you want to add to your list using the search box at the top of the screen, or use the categories on the left to browse.
  4. After you’ve selected all of the things you want to include on your list, click next.
  5. Pick a name for your list.
  6. Select a privacy setting. Choose Public if you want others to be able to subscribe to the list you’ve created.
  7. Click Done.

Recommendation #1: Create Lists Around Businesses You Need To Keep Tabs On.

You’ll want to make separate Interest Lists of all the pages your company needs to keep tabs on including but not limited to competitors and indirect competitors, as well as partner companies, businesses, and nonprofits that may be of interest to you. Be sure to group these Interest Lists around a particular theme or topic to help stay organized!

Recommendation #2: Create Awesome Lists in Your Industry

You may not be able to create Interest Lists ‘by’ your brand page, but that doesn’t mean you cannot. Simply create a list for your industry, curate the best pages and people on it, and share it with others!

HubSpot.com suggests: “For example, if your industry is business services, you could create a list curating educational resources in the business services industry. Just make sure you add your company’s business page to it, and then promote it to the high heavens — on your blog, in social media, etc. If you’re successful in generating a lot of subscribers for it, the updates you post to your Facebook business page will get seen by the subscribers of that Interest List, exposing you to people who may not be following your Facebook page directly.”

Get Notifications

To ensure that your business is actually getting notifications like status updates from other pages and event invites, you’ll want to make sure that you go to every page you interact with and want to get updates from and select “Get Notifications” and “Show in News Feeds. This will help ensure you have a better chance (a higher ratio) of seeing business page updates in your regular news feed. When the “Get Notifications” option is checked for a page, you will see a red notification alert at the top of your page each time the brand posts.

Facebook Get Notifications feature

Bonus Tip:

Want to get your posts on your fans’ news feeds? Ask them to hover over the “Liked” button on your business page and click “Get Notifications.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog post. Will you use these two Facebook features now that you’re aware of its benefits? Be sure to comment below.

Nikki, Social Web Nerd, Social Media Consulting

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2 Ways To Get More Content From Facebook