5 Budget-Friendly Things You Should Do To Get Started On Social Media

The number of people who think that investing in social media is irrelevant, too costly and a waste of time is growing. All the same, many other businesses continue to invest in social media marketing hoping to boost brand awareness and increase conversions.

While it might not be as easy today to penetrate social media as it was a few years back, social media is still relevant today and with the right approach, you can use it to grow your business to heights you never knew possible. Regardless of the industry your business is part of, investing in social media is a must.

Indeed, people don’t just hang out on social media, they also make life decisions there including everyday decisions on where to eat, what services to use and what products to buy. Available statistics show that 1/3rd of consumers use social media networking sites to look for items they intend to buy and 50% of consumers follow their favorite brands as a way of keeping up with their latest products. So what do you need to know to get the perfect start on social media? Consider the following tips:

Outlining marketing goals

The temptation to want to create social media pages without a clear social strategy gets many entrepreneurs in trouble. After all, without a plan, anything is acceptable. Therefore, if you are going to avoid such a pitfall, it will be because you took time to develop a marketing strategy.

Clearly outlining your marketing goals will make it clear to everyone in your team that you know what you are doing and the direction the brand needs to take. Instead of allowing emotions to overtake you, go for a bold, clear plan that realistically analyzing the social media landscape.

Take time to understand your audience

Just how much do you really know about audience? Beyond the marketing talking points that we sometimes love to mention in board meetings, what can you say about your audience and their journey that makes them relevant to the products and services you sell? How much time have you spent speaking to them, learning the habits and creating bespoke solutions to the challenges they face?

The truth is many brands fall into the pitfall of failure to adequately analyze their audience. The result: they end up creating products no one will buy and services no one has the desire to use. Success on social networking sites requires you understand your audience so that you can understand their journey and speak their language.

Develop your brand’s value proposition

Ask yourself if it is clear to anyone who interacts with your brand on social media why they should follow you. What value do you bring on the table that would make them want to engage with your brand or buy products from it? Do your social media pages display your company culture? By developing your value proposition, you will be streamlining the process of building strong brand recognition, creating brand equity as well as establishing strong buy-in across all your social networking profiles.

Tell your organization’s story

Your brand story should have all the elements that evoke emotions whenever people hear it. The firsts step towards buying a product is becoming emotionally connected to the product or brand from which you intend to buy. To develop this emotional connection, consider your product and what you think is the unique reason why people should buy it. Look for emotional words around the solution your product provides. This should give you an idea of what buttons to press to get potential customers connected to your brand emotionally, enough to spend their hard-earned cash.

Keep learning

After setting up your profiles and getting started with your initial social media marketing plan, get ready to start learning. Even after using strategies that other businesses have implemented successfully, there is never a guarantee that those strategies will work for your brand. You may need to make a few changes to those strategies to better align with your brand proposition.

The only way to do this effectively is by constantly learning from your past efforts in failure and success. Additionally, social media is still in its early stages and there is every indication that it will continue to evolve well into the future. Therefore, you should put in place a plan to keep learning about the changes taking place on social media networking sites, and the effect they have on your brand. This information will help you re-calibrate efforts for continued visibility on social media.

5 Budget-Friendly Things You Should Do To Get Started On Social Media
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