Why it’s Time to Start Using Twitter Ads

Why it’s Time to Start Using Twitter Ads

Practically all social media marketers use Twitter, yet few of them ever use Twitter ads. Why is that? While different marketers will have different reasons why they don’t use Twitter ads, many have never even tried. There are many reasons you should try using Twitter ads. And it is not as hard as you think. Many have achieved incredible results through this platform that you cannot get using any other platform. Here are some reasons why it’s time to stop ignoring Twitter ads:

Twitter ads are better than guest blogs

When you’re a new brand trying to make your way through a crowded marketplace, Twitter gives you an opportunity to grow. Finding guest blogs for a new business is hard. Twitter on the other hand, all you need to do is create a new account and right away, you can start creating and promoting your ads.

The challenge with guest blogging is that for it to make marketing sense, you need a big publication to promote your content. Few big publications would be willing to give you audience. On Twitter, you just need 2 or 3 hours to write, publish and promote your post. You can use Twitter targeting to find the right people to which your ad should appear. This could be market leaders, decision makers, and business executives from Multinational corporations. Guest posting is expensive and time consuming yet it still has no success guarantees.

No distinction between personal accounts and company accounts

On Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, there is always a clear distinction between a personal account and a company account. This is not so with Twitter. Unlike other social media networks, Twitter give you an opportunity to do advertising immediately you open your account. This simplifies the process of promotion. You can promote your product or service with your existing personal account without needing to create a company account.

Laser-sharp targeting

If you ask marketers who have used Twitter ads, they will tell you that the marketing capabilities of Twitter ads is insane. Yes, targeting on Twitter ads is extremely good. For starters, you can use trending hashtags to target certain people participating in ongoing conversations. Creating ads around hashtags has the potential to result in excellent impressions.

What’s more you can do engager targeting. Twitter allows you to target only those Twitter users who have recently interacted or seen your tweets. What’s more, you will only pay for your Twitter ads once you have achieved the marketing goal you had set before your ad campaign went live. That means if you wanted to get followers, you will only pay when Twitter users click the follow button. If your goal is to get people to visit your website, you will only be charged whenever people click on the link in your ad. This is despite the many impressions you will get in the process.

Network with decision makers and influencers

While Twitter may not have as many users as Facebook or Instagram, those who use Twitter tend to be quite influential. These are usually company decision makers like CEOs, CFOs, etc.  Interacting with these individuals can help with your personal branding. In other words Twitter gives you the best audience, especially if you’re a B2B enterprise. Every business executive you want to connect with is most probably already on Twitter. Twitter ads can serve as your way of introducing yourself and your brand. You can use them to start conversations with people that matter in your industry. If you’ve been wondering how you can start conversations with the most influential people in your industry, Twitter ads give you the best and easiest option.

Enjoy cheap advertising

Many marketers have kept away from Twitter ads because they think that they are expensive. The truth is, they can be surprisingly cheap. With just $100 you would be surprised to find out what you can do on Twitter ads. Spending less than 10 cents for every click on Twitter ads is not unheard of. In fact, it is quite a common phenomenon. For small businesses with a tight, small budget, this is great news.

Are you now convinced that Twitter ads are worth your investment? If you have not created an account on Twitter, please go ahead, then set up your ads accounts within that very account. With your small budget, create your first ad on Twitter and see how many clicks it generates. Social media marketers who have discovered this secret are using Twitter to grow their business in ways that no other social networking site can help them do. To these marketers, Twitter ads are an investment, not at marketing expense.

Why it’s Time to Start Using Twitter Ads
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